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Have some questions need answered before I invest in a rig.

Fellow shibes, I come to you in my hour of need. Years ago I scoffed at bitcoin, thought it was a joke and would blow over so I totally ignored it....I dont want to make that same mistake twice.
I recently started mining over night on my gaming rig (gtx 680, around 360-ish khash) and im weighing the options of whether or not to invest in a dedicated miner, around $1k in total, then evaluate the situation in 9months to a year, or to just keep doing it over night on my current rig. I've done some research but I figured asking here would be the quickest way to get them all (or most) answered in a concise manner.
1. Lets be real....its extremely doubtful dogecoin will reach prices anywhere close to BTC or LTC. However...with so many coins out there even a small jump in value can mean large profits. As dogecoin acceptance grows and the supply of doge begins to slow down due to reward halvening (is halvening even a word?) any idea where doge will be at in 1-2 years? Similar price to now? Higher? Lower? btw is there a graph that shows the value of dogecoin since its release? I think I saw one last night but cant remember.
2. At current rates (including power usage) it appears it will take 180days or so for the rig to pay itself off...I hear thats about par for the course. Confirm/deny?
3. HDD vs Flash drive. The price of a Flash drive is very appealing but I have 0 experience with linux/booting systems for first time from a flash drive so im leaning to just putting out the extra cash for a HDD. Is there a step by step/hold my hand guide to setting up a miner with just a flash drive? This is probably the biggest issue for me atm
4. Bamt vs Smos. They appear to be pretty similar at first glance. Which do you prefer? Pros/cons of each?
Thanks for any and all help you shibes can provide, if you have anything else to add that you think might be useful to know, by all means go ahead and tell me. Im probably gonna do research for another week or so before I make my decision but these are the biggest issues at hand.
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Litecoin / Bitcoin Mining, Linux BAMT Thumb Drive OS

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